Standard Printing Company and its two divisions, SPC Forms and Information Outsource, have been partners to the B2B market for seven decades. Through our distributors in SPC Forms and directly through Information Outsource, we have developed significant expertise on how to tailor our products and services to your needs.

At Information Outsource, we serve equipment and capital goods manufacturers, consumer goods, media, petroleum refining and transportation, and a variety of other companies who sell to other businesses. Traditionally, our services include invoice printing, mailing and electronic delivery of invoices and statements, but can also include the printing of checks, newsletters, or other printed products.

Whether you are dealing with your customers, vendors or a network of partners, retailers, wholesalers, distributors, brokers or otherwise, you can count on Information Outsource to be your one-stop-shop solution for printing and mailing services.

Thinking About Outsourcing?

We understand that making the change to an outsourced solution is a big step. Budgets, equipment maintenance contracts and staff all come into play when evaluating whether to keep your billing functions in-house or look to a vendor to manage these solutions on your behalf. Let us help you in your analysis by presenting a clear, streamlined solution with an easy transition plan and open discussion regarding best practices.

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Looking for a Partner, Not Just Another Vendor?

We understand that the timely delivery of your documents represents revenue and that the accuracy of these documents is a direct reflection of your brand.  We see ourselves as an extension of your business and have extensive quality control measures in place to ensure that your critical documents are correct, complete and delivered within the expected timeframe.  Allow our expertise, honed over decades of working with the United States Postal Service, to optimize and automate the management of your customer data.

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B2B Billing Services

We have created a streamlined, secure process to manage your B2B billing needs. For B2B customers, we provide a one-stop solution which encompasses everything from development and customization of data management and customer messaging to utilizing our in-house printing presses to deliver brand-enhancing quality product.

In addition to our traditional print and mail services, we also offer the ability to transition customers to email delivery via electronic bills (E-bills). These bills can be delivered as PDF attachments directly to your customers or hosted on a web portal for customer access.  This same portal can be used by your internal customer service staff to view and reprint documents or troubleshoot billing questions over the phone. Consistency across delivery channels allows for thorough customer support.

With our B2B billing statement processing expertise, leading-edge printing and processing machines and technology, and unwavering focus on customer service, we can:

  • Efficiently complete in minutes what may take your in-house billing operation possibly days. Our ability to generate and deliver invoices and other mailings will save you time and money
  • Provide billing customization and flexibility, allowing you to send a branded, crisp document to your customers and cutting back on the number of calls your customer service representatives must field
  • Guarantee timeliness, accuracy, quality and integrity with every job we complete

Choosing the Right Vendor for Outsourced Billing

Information Outsource’s printing, mailing and electronic billing services allow your staff to focus on high payoff activities while we manage your customer communications.

Given our knowledge of the challenges that face B2B billing professionals, we can help make business recommendations and weigh in on how small changes to customer communication can positively impact your bottom line.