Information Outsource has served the needs of educational institutions, including school districts, colleges and universities, and the needs of nonprofits, including public charities and membership organizations, since 1998. We specialize in print and mail services for membership mailings, donor solicitation letters, tax receipt letters, grade reporting, class schedules, prospective student outreach, and district-wide communication needs.

In addition to traditional outreach, Information Outsource is also able to manage year-end reporting, including filing this information electronically with the IRS. This includes IRS tax documents such as 1099-MISC, 1099-NEC, W-2, 1098-T and 1095-C forms.

Focused on Data Security and Reliability?

With state-of-the-art production facilities, SOC II Type 2 security certification, disaster recovery channels, built-in technological and operational redundancy, and full-time development staff, we are ready to remind you how quality control and proven automated processes can take the guess work out of your outreach. We guarantee secure management of your data, comprehensive reporting, an accountable audit trail, correct mail pieces and thorough customer service.

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Looking to Reduce Printing Cost?

As a service organization, you want to spend your time and financial resources focusing on your members, students, and beneficiaries. We understand that in-house print and mail operations can be expensive and burdensome for staff and we are here to help. With our history as a commercial printer and our knowledge of print and mail services, we can help you reduce costs by discussing the most efficient way to manage your mailings and presorting your mail to the lowest automated rates offered by the USPS.

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Printing and Mailing Services for School Districts, Colleges & Universities

Data security and integrity are of the utmost importance. We understand your documents include critical personal information that must be protected.

Information Outsource and Standard Printing Company have SOC 2 Type II certification, thus upholding the highest standards of data management. Our certification was completed by an independent third party and is reviewed on an annual basis.

Information Outsource has the customized solutions to fit your needs and understands the unique needs of the education field.

We are able to:

  • Create and distribute hardcopy documents via First Class Mail
  • Implement an online component for student document access
  • Email documents directly to students
  • Create a comprehensive communication channel for all student and employee communications by using your existing student website or building a stand-alone solution

With our expertise, leading-edge equipment and unwavering focus on customer service, we can:

  • Manage your communications from start-to finish with minimal involvement from your staff
  • Create a clear, concise document that provides detailed information and descriptive messaging
  • Guarantee timeliness, accuracy, quality and integrity with every job we complete

We are able to create and print full-color inserts to communicate fee changes, past due balances and/or promotional activities.  By utilizing our selective messaging and inserting capabilities, you can target portions of your database and deliver pointed, pertinent information.

Printing and Mailing Services for Nonprofits

You are a mission-driven organization that takes pride in serving your population of members, beneficiaries, and donors with the utmost care and effectiveness. Our mission is to ensure that you can do this in the most efficient way possible, maintaining your brand while reducing your cost. Whether you are looking to raise new funds or simply communicate with your constituents, Information Outsource is here to help you with your print and mailing needs.

Our ability to provide secure data management, excellent print quality using our in-house printing presses, and reduced postage cost through automated presorting of mail makes Information Outsource the right partner for you.

The leadership and staff of Standard Printing Company are deeply committed to the community and take pride in sharing our time and resources with the people around us. Learn more about our community efforts here.