Information Outsource has provided outsourced billing for cable, Internet, phone and home security providers since 1998. We have created a streamlined, secure process to manage your customer communication needs. Our services include invoice printing, mailing and electronic billing solutions.

Thinking About Outsourcing?

We understand that making the change to an outsourced solution is a big step. Budgets, equipment maintenance contracts and staff all come into play when evaluating whether to keep your billing functions in-house or look to a vendor to manage these on your behalf. We have implemented hundreds of clients and can assist in making the best use of space on your billing documents while promoting your individual brand. Let us help you in your analysis by presenting a clear, streamlined solution with an easy transition plan.

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Need a New Print and Mail Provider?

Let us take the stress out of your mailings. With state-of-the-art production facilities, SOC II Type 2 security certification, disaster recovery channels, and full-time development staff, we are ready to remind you how quality control and proven automated processes can take the guess work out of your routine customer outreach. We guarantee timely management of your data, correct mail pieces, quick turnaround times and thorough customer service.

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Cable & Telecommunications Billing Services: Branding, Compliance & Accuracy

We understand the challenges billing presents and are at your service to make this process as painless as possible. The clarity of your bill can mean the difference between a quick payment and multiple calls to your customer service staff. We also know that FCC regulations require specific content and detail be included on your documents and have created a comprehensive, compliant solution to your cable billing needs.

With our expertise, leading-edge equipment and unwavering focus on customer service, we can:

  • Manage your billing from start to finish with minimal involvement from your staff
  • Create a clear, compliant document that provides your customers with detailed information, cutting back on the number of calls your customer service representatives must field
  • Guarantee timeliness, accuracy, quality and integrity with every job we complete

We are able to create and print full-color inserts in-house to communicate rate changes, channel offerings and other targeted customer communication. By utilizing our selective messaging and inserting capabilities, you can target portions of your customer base and deliver pointed information, including past due status and planned outages.

We are also able to include inserts that are provided by third parties, including channel promos or partner offers. We are happy to include these in your mailed pieces and do not charge a warehousing fee.

Home Security & Alarm Services: Discretion and Secure Data Management

Information Outsource specializes in security and alarm company billing and has created a streamlined, secure process to manage your customer communication needs.  We manage customer statements, past due notices, disconnect notices, final bills and rate change information on behalf of our alarm and home security clients.

We understand that billing for home security directly corresponds to the safety of the customers you service.  Delivering a shut off notice that loudly proclaims service is being disconnected could send an unintentional message to opportunistic neighbors.  We want to make sure that your data remains secure and that the method of delivery of your documents is in line with its intended message.

Information Outsource has customized solutions to fit your needs. We continue to exceed our clients’ expectations with a variety of services. From traditional First-Class mail to electronic billing to innovative outsourced billing solutions, we are able to service your billing needs from start to finish.

Our Print and Mail Services:

  • Add value to your billing processes
  • Streamline your internal operations
  • Reduce costs
  • Allow your employees to focus on high payoff activities

In addition to our printing and mailing offerings, we also offer electronic billing.  With this service we can:

  • Email billing documents to customers in lieu of a paper bill
  • Direct customers to a hosted web portal where they can view current and historical bills
  • Link to a payment processor so customers can pay their bills directly from their email or the hosted website
  • Send email notices of ACH payment, including amounts and draft dates with or without a bill image attachment

Our team of professionals is ready to answer your questions and assist in managing your billing needs.