Information Outsource Overview

Since 1997, Information Outsource has offered a seamless, cost-effective process for producing and distributing critical documents. Information Outsource holds at its core the commitment to two ideals: timeliness and accuracy. We are committed to mailing each job in a timely fashion, as well as ensuring that each job is 100% accurate. As such, we have put thousands of hours into forming a comprehensive quality control standard and we adhere to this standard at every stage of implementation, processing, printing and inserting

Clients and Industries Served

Printing, Mailing, and Invoice Management Capabilities

Having one vendor produce all phases of your outbound customer communication helps ensure consistency and accuracy. Enjoy the efficiency and convenience of having your custom business forms and marketing pieces printed by the same company that prepares your mailings.

Standard Printing Company excels in the production of custom business forms, including secure printing features including true watermark, micro-type, bleed through MICR, chemically reactive paper and fluorescing fibers. Learn more about our document security features here.

CASS verifies that the address present in your data file is an actual, physical address that is recognized by the USPS. Standardization occurs at this stage, which adds the “+4” to your zip code and allows us to presort your mailing. Our software automatically reports non-zip + 4 addresses so you can keep your lists up to date.

Custom document formatting allows for color match logos, enhanced branding opportunities and targeted customer outreach. Your Client Specialist will help you with the initial formatting of your bills and notices, whether the goal is to replicate your current output or to make recommendations as to how you might make better use of space on these pieces. Our in-house Art Department is at your disposal to create a custom look that meets the needs of your billing department. Document design and multiple proofing stages are all included without additional fees.

We build a unique program for each of our customers, so that the handling of your business is not a “cookie cutter” process. We create programming to manage the various aspects of your data file and our in-house staff has complete control over this programming. We aim to have a comprehensive understanding of your data that allows us to make intelligent recommendations and work as a liaison with your software vendor as appropriate.

We can work with many common file types – XLS, CSV, XML, print image, fixed width files, pdfs, and more. Our custom programming approach allows us flexibility in integrating our invoice print and mail services with the software system of any payments processor that you utilize.

We also provide Data Archival services, which allow you to access to your document images after a mailing has occurred. Archival can streamline your print and mail processes by allowing rapid reprints while also preserving a record of your prior communications.

We can provide these images via FTP or publish them to a website so they can be searched or viewed by your team, all of which can be organized for ease of use. In addition, our Data Archival services can be integrated with your payment provider.

Every customer receives a unique username and password to our secure FTP site and has access to only their directory. As an added level of security, we maintain a locked server room and require user authentication on all workstations with no guest accounts. Firewall protection exists on all servers, as well as scheduled clearing of data files. We are SOC II Type 2 certified and have the appropriate controls and protocols in place to protect your data.

Information Outsource can create and host secure customer and administration Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment websites which is fully customizable and utilizes your unique branding.

Each time your E-Bill job runs, we will publish your full data set to your branded site. Enrolled customers will be emailed with a notification that their document is available for viewing, or a PDF version of their current document may be emailed as an attachment directly to them.

Electronic bill presentment and payment helps:

  • Decrease or eliminate postage and material costs
  • Increase customer satisfaction by providing online convenience for your customers
  • Allow your customer service team to provide instant help to your customers

You deserve the lowest-cost postage available. During processing, we presort all mail to the lowest automatable presort rate, maximizing discounts and passing this savings along to you.

In addition, we are one of the largest mailers in the Greater Phoenix metropolitan area, and as such, have a strong and active relationship with the United States Postal Service. We stay on top of changing postal regulations, requirements and equipment, so that you can maintain focus on your core business.

An Intelligent Mail® barcode (IMb) is a barcode which contains a variety of critical tracking information and can be printed on your outbound mail pieces. Using this barcode can optimize delivery of your mail by communicating delivery point information to the USPS and allowing for the lowest automated pre-sort postage rates to be applied.

All materials – inserts, custom business forms and envelopes – are housed in our onsite warehouse. In addition, all inventory is tracked through our proprietary inventory management system, allowing for a seamless reordering process.

Printing your inserts onsite provides a cost-effective, efficient way to manage your insert needs.  We are able to print spot and/or full-color inserts, ranging from 1/3 page slips to 11” x 17” fold-out tabloid inserts.  We are also able to aid in the design and layout of your inserts if you so choose.  The same Client Specialist that manages all other aspects of your job will facilitate the printing of these inserts, giving you one point of contact at Information Outsource to manage your mailings from start to finish.  We are also able to accept inserts that you provide, and there is no charge for warehousing these materials.

We are able to selectively insert materials for a subset of your resident base using custom programming and our intelligent inserting equipment.   Based on defined criteria (e.g. zip codes, account numbers, amounts due, etc.), we can identify specific residents that should or should not receive inserts.

Standard Printing Company and Information Outsource buy in bulk from paper and raw material vendors, allowing us to pass this savings along to our client base. In addition, all materials are stored onsite in our climate-controlled warehouse.

NCOA takes the verification process a step further and confirms if the recipient actually resides at the noted address, or if a Change of Address has been filed with the post office. If a new address is present, we update the mailing information and report this back to you.

We are committed to delivering accurate, on-time services for your printing and communication needs. We work closely with you to ensure the highest standard of care. Once we are provided with data and instructions from your team, we can deliver rapid turnaround times to ensure your communications are distributed on a timely basis.

We provide state-of-the-art variable data printing with our high-speed laser printers, allowing you to increase response time with customized messaging to specific customers. Variable data printing can include bar graphs and charts, scan lines, bar codes, selective messaging, and more.