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Since 1997, Information Outsource has specialized in utility billing and statement services for municipal and investor-owned utility companies, utility co-operatives, and other municipal agencies. Our utility services cover electric, gas, water, sewer, and sanitation bills, while our services to municipal clients cover these departments and more, including tax statements and special mailings. Further, we provide services such as citations and jury summons to our governmental clients which include federal and state-level courts.

Thinking About Outsourcing?

We understand that making the change to an outsourced solution is a big step. Budgets, equipment maintenance contracts and staff all come into play when evaluating whether to keep your billing functions in-house or look to a vendor to manage these on your behalf. Let us help you in your analysis by presenting a clear, streamlined solution with an easy transition plan.

Need a New Print and Mail Provider?

Let us take the stress out of your mailings. With state-of-the-art production facilities, SOC II Type 2 security certification, disaster recovery channels, and full-time development staff, we are ready to remind you how quality control and proven automated processes can take the guess work out of your routine customer outreach. We guarantee timely management of your data, correct mail pieces and thorough customer service.

Utility Billing Services

We have created a streamlined, secure process to manage your utility billing needs. For our utility and municipal clients, we provide a one-stop solution which encompasses everything from development and customization of your bill output and customer messaging to the use of in-house printing presses to deliver brand-enhancing, quality product.  In addition to our traditional print and mail services for utilities, we also offer the ability to transition customers to an electronic billing solution with email delivery of bill documents.

With our utility billing statement processing expertise, leading-edge equipment, customized approach to programming, and unwavering focus on customer service, we can:

  • Efficiently complete in minutes what may take your in-house billing operation days. Our ability to expertly generate and deliver invoices, statements, shut-off notices and collection letters will save you time and money
  • Provide billing customization and flexibility, allowing you to send a branded, crisp document to your customers and cut back on the number of calls your customer service representatives must field
  • Guarantee timeliness, accuracy, quality and integrity with every job we complete

Outsourcing Your Print and Mail Services with Information Outsource:

Customization, Accuracy, Integrity & Security

Information Outsource’s printing and mailing services allow your staff to focus on high payoff activities while we manage your customer communications.

By utilizing our selective messaging and inserting capabilities, you can target portions of your customer base and deliver customized information. We are also able to create and produce inserts, Water Quality Reports and other targeted customer communication in-house.

Our comprehensive Quality Control practices ensure the accuracy of your mailed documents.  A battery of checks is completed on your mailings at the processing, printing, inserting and mail preparation stages.

Our staff takes great pride in their work and we see ourselves as an extension of your team.  We understand that the mailings we produce are a direct reflection of your City, Town or Agency and put our best foot forward on your behalf.

Our SOC II Type 2 certification ensures that we adhere to industry best practices with regards to data security and access.  Your customer data is secure at every stage and is used only for its intended purpose.

Given our knowledge of the challenges that face utility billing professionals, we can help make business recommendations and weigh in on how small changes to customer communication can positively impact your bottom line.

Government Print and Mail Services

We have the ability to provide print and mail services for a wide variety of government services in addition to utilities. We can manage programs related to informational notices, traffic citations, jury summons, and other special mailings. Our operations are built to handle critical, first-class mailings and we are relentlessly focused on quality, reliability, and outstanding customer service.

Additional Print and Mail Services for Municipal Clients

Share My Stamp is a program that highlights local businesses, allowing them to offer valuable opportunities directly to residents via their bills. Coupons are printed in-house and included in your mailings at no cost. This program is primarily available to our municipal clients.

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