Streamlined and Precise Loan Servicing Printing and Distribution Solutions

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Clear and timely communication with customers is indispensable for establishing trust and ensuring compliance. But with all the paperwork involved in loan servicing, it’s easy for both companies and clients to get overwhelmed. That’s where we come in.

Information Outsource has 25+ years of experience in the industry, using our expertise and accuracy to streamline and simplify your company’s documentation and loan servicing mailing needs. We’ll take care of everything so you can focus on your customers.

Efficient Printing and Distribution Solutions

At Information Outsource, we handle loan servicing printing and distribution for various clients in the financial, auto, real estate, and other major loan sectors. Some of the types of documents we process include:

  • Credit, loan, and Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC) statements
  • Letters and late notices
  • Adverse action letters and notices (RTC, NOI)
  • And more

Our comprehensive specialized, auto, and home loan print services ensure accuracy, compliance, and timely delivery for each document type.

Customized Programming

Keeping your loan servicing printing and mailing communications up to date with changing regulations is a challenging task. It requires true partnership from your printing and mailing vendor and one who can be flexible and responsive so that you can remain in compliance.

We build a unique program for each customer so that the handling of your business is not a “cookie-cutter” process. We create programming to manage the various aspects of your data file and our in-house staff has complete control over this programming. We aim to have a comprehensive understanding of your data that allows us to make intelligent recommendations and work as a liaison with your internal legal, compliance, and technical teams as appropriate.

Security Is Our #1 Priority

Protection of the sensitive information involved in loan servicing printing is paramount. Rest assured that Information Outsource employs comprehensive measures to safeguard your data with the highest standards of physical and network security. This includes:

  • Regular SOC 2 Type-2 audits for rigorous internal controls
  • Unique credentials for each client on our secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP) sites
  • Secured server room with restricted access
  • Company workstation authentication without guest accounts
  • Firewall protection across all servers
  • Regular data file-clearing schedules
  • Real-time data clearing on our web server
  • Post-clearing data processing on separate production servers

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