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Outsourcing print and mail services is a great way to make your business run more efficiently while saving on expenses. Information Oursource provides a variety of print-to-mail and print mail communications services for our clients. Hiring a professional to take care of your print jobs means you will be getting a higher quality product, which will improve your brand image amongst clients and business partners alike. Our personalized print and mail service plans also make it easy for businesses to structure a plan based on their budgets and needs no matter if they need business envelope printing or any other services.

Information Outsource has the approachable, family-oriented culture of a small business while possessing the capabilities of a larger corporation. With more than 70 years of experience, we know the importance of providing reliable, professional, and cost-effective products for our clients. In fact, these principles are amongst our core values as a company.

Benefits of Outsourcing Print and Mail Services

Handing print-to-mail and print mail communications services off to professionals will:

  • Cut time on printing and mailing in-house
  • Reduce expenses related to equipment, supplies, maintenance, and labor
  • Improve brand image with higher quality products

Guarantee that your documents are always sent out on time

Personalized Service Plans

We are well-versed in strict budgets and specific business needs. Our personalized print and mail service plans are designed to help reach your target. Additionally, every B2B printing and mailing service provides clients with:

  • Safety and Security
    • SOC 2 Type 2 Certified: data is safely stored in the cloud
    • Firewall Protections: Protect our servers from malware attacks
    • FTP (file transfer protocol): Site that secures your information, so only you have access
  • Dedicated Client Specialist
    • A team member who will manage your order, from print and mail services and beyond
    • Provided to every client
    • No extra charge

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of implementation time is required?

Typically, implementation time can range from 30-45 days. Factors which may increase this timeline are custom reporting, multiple jobs or templates within a given job, internal approvals, bank testing, and custom materials (e.g. envelopes).

How do I know you are mailing the right documents?

After we process a file, we return to you an email which includes Control Totals, PDF Samples, and any other reporting required for you to verify your job. In addition, you can track the progress of your job through our secure web-based customer portaol.

100+ Print and Mail Clients

This is one of those rock-solid vendor relationships that are hard to come by, but invaluable to our organization. The team is responsive, responsible, and absolutely efficient in their work. Good people, good organization, great relationship. I’m so glad we found you!

City IT Manager

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