Standard Printing Company is committed to reducing its impact on the environment. We use only soy-based and UV inks with low or no VOC
 units, protecting air and water quality. 
Our investments in waste collection and storage units ensure that virtually 100% of our
 manufacturing waste is collected and recycled.


  • Air vacuum systems and compactors collect paper trim as it is cut at the press, sending it to an enclosed compactor to be picked up by a local recycler.
  • All other manufacturing paper waste, such as spoilage and machine make ready 
paper, are collected throughout the day, shredded and added to the compactor 
for recycling.
  • Recovery system collects metals from the plating process for recycling.
  • Special bins are used for collecting and recycling plates, steel blades, cardboard, pallets, and even office waste paper.
  • Machine oils are collected and recycled.