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Companies across the spectrum are opting to outsource non-core business functions. This helps them prevent their organization from getting too bloated and lets their staff focus on company growth. There is also a recognition that specialists can execute certain functions better and more cost-effectively than if the company attempted to do it themselves. 

Outsourcing has yielded great benefits when it comes to functions like low-cost manufacturing, back-office operations, and knowledge processing. Likewise, outsourcing printing and mailing services can create significant efficiencies for your business or organization, especially, if you need to regularly print and distribute invoices or other critical documents to your customers.

Here’s everything you need to know about the benefits of partnering with a specialist printing and mailing provider.

The Cost Benefit of Outsourcing Invoice Printing Services

One of the biggest advantages of print outsourcing is the cost savings. However, it’s easy to underestimate just how much you’re saving by contracting an external provider. It’s worth reviewing a breakdown of everything that goes into running a printing operation and the economies of scale that a printing specialist can bring you. 

  • Equipment Cost: Bulk printing and mailing services can be fairly expensive. Depending on the kind of output you’re looking for per day or per month, you could have quite the capital expenditure on your hands with high-powered laser printers. In addition, it is more likely than not that the equipment you are buying is much more than needed to service your business alone, i.e. you are under capacity and not getting your money’s worth. 
  • Repair Cost: If you have equipment, you’re going to have to spend money maintaining it and repairing it when it breaks down from time to time, as it’s bound to do with regular use. This also creates downtime which is critical when your invoices need to go out the door. Outsourced providers have built-in redundancy to make sure the mail always goes out.
  • Material Cost: You have to pay for the material you’re using to print, including print cartridges, printing paper, and associated stationery. If you use a special type of paper to print out your documents, that’s likely to add to the cost as well. In addition, it is unlikely you are benefiting from economies of scale.
  • Labor: Payroll is one of the biggest ongoing costs you have to sustain when doing bulk printing and why outsourcing these services is such a good idea. Depending on the scale of your operation, you may be talking about a couple of employees or an entire department. 
  • Cost of Space: Your machinery, materials, and people will take up a significant amount of space and you have to make a provision for this. Whether you choose to house your printing department in your own headquarters or in a strategically located city that is within easy mailing distance of all your customers, it’s going to add to your expenses. What’s more, when you rent a space, you naturally also have to pay for utilities, including energy, internet, and water, all of which just adds to the increasing cost burden. 
  • Postage Savings: Outsourcing printing services means you also don’t have to pay for postage and distribution. In fact, partnering with a well-established company means you also buy their relationships with postal providers and they can pass on to you the cost savings that come from that. In the case of Information Outsource, this is a strong and active relationship with the United States Postal Service that comes from being one of the largest and longest-serving mailers in the Greater Phoenix metropolitan area.

Finally, consider the return on investment (ROI) on all this expenditure and whether that is the best allocation of resources to bring in the most profit for your business.

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Other Benefits of Outsourcing Printing and Distribution Services for Invoices

Besides money, there are a number of advantages to hiring a specialist for outsourced invoice printing and mailing services.

  • Better Quality

Specialization is sought after because companies tend to be best at their primary focus area, the services that their organization was purpose-built to execute. You might quickly see an improvement in the finish and the quality of product they create, as well as the speed with which they’re able to deliver your documents.

  • End-to-End Services 

With a full-service provider, you enjoy the benefits of outsourcing not just printing and mailing, but also all the ancillary services involved. This includes designing, applying special finishes, such as lamination, embossing, and more, as well as customer service performed by trained staff. 

  • Enhanced Security and Data Privacy

Data privacy for customers is a significant issue, particularly for companies in spaces like financial and legal services. The regulatory compliances can be demanding to keep up with and customers naturally want to know they can entrust their business information to you. Or, you could simply rely on a reputed provider for outsourced invoice mailing and printing services. Information Outsource happens to be SOC 2 Type 2 and MBE certified with decades of experience ensuring the confidentiality of information for its clients nationwide.

Partner With Information Outsource

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Information Outsource offers you top-notch print and distribution for critical documents, such as invoices, jury summons, loan statements, and more. We’ve been in the printing industry for over 70 years and are a reliable partner for some of the nation’s leading enterprises and government agencies. We’re a highly-approachable, customer-first company that combines the service of a family-owned enterprise with the capabilities of a large organization. Speak to an expert today about outsourcing your printing and mailing services.